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Ultrasonic fried foods have a richer taste and texture due to the lower temperature frying. Above all, there are fewer downsides when compared to conventional oil frying.


Oil rancidification is significantly reduced by cooking at lower temperatures. Also, frying oil is not absorbed into the food. As a result, up to 50% cost savings can be achieved.



Create a safer and more pleasant work environment. At 170°C, oil splatter feels more like 65°C on skin contact. Consequently, this prevents serious burns and injuries.

Shorter frying times.

Safer work areas.

Crispier foods.


Foods fried in the Ultrafryer simply taste better. This is because the food does not absorb unwanted flavours during frying.

Fry a whole chicken in around 12 minutes. Chips in 4 minutes only. You won’t believe how crispy the food will be!

Because accidents can happen. Normally, water in hot oil is a real hazard. However, with the Ultrafryer, this is a past problem.



No Burns. No Smoke. Minimal Oily Vapours.


Fact: a clean and safe kitchen environment is beneficial to employee health and morale, and the business bottomline.


Cleaning up is less of a chore with the Ultrafryer. During frying, minimal oil and smoke vapours are released. Certainly, this means that grease buildup under the rangehood is less of a problem. Furthermore, fry residues do not stick or burn on the bottom of the oil tank. 

The cavitation effect of ultrasound
Food nutrition is preserved because of the relatively low temperature of cooking by ultrasonic frying. Also, the life of the cooking oil is extended. Another advantage is the increased efficiency of heat transfer to foods. This is achieved by utilising ultrasonic vibrations. Consequently, the food is cooked faster. Indeed, defrosting frozen foods is not necessary.

Rancidification occurs when oil is exposed to air over time. Likewise, it occurs when oil is heated to high temperatures. Subsequently, this accelerates the breakdown process of the oil and negatively affects the appearance, taste, and smell of the food after frying. However, ultrasonic frying significantly extends the useful life of the frying oil.

Easy to use

Ultrasonic frying can process any food whether it is at room temperature, hot, cold or even frozen. It can also suppress the process of carbonisation.


A minimum of 80% less oil vapours and smoke compared to traditional oil fryers lead to safer workplaces. Likewise, lower oil consumption is better for the environment.

Faster cooking

Ultrasound promotes heat conduction to reduce the cooking time by 25~40% when cooked at the same temperature compared to conventional fryers. And it’s safer too.

Cleaner flavours

Short on time? Now, you can cook multiple food types simultaneously. Chips, fish, chicken, vegetables etc can all be cooked in the same basket without affecting flavours.

Easy to clean

Firstly, drain the oil. Secondly, fill up with water. Finally, let the ultrasonic function clean the tank. No chemicals required. Because the Ultrafryer makes your job easier.

Restaurants, Diners, Hotels, Bistros, Food Trucks, Cafes

Professional Food Fryer

Model DJ-G1000 DJ-G2000 DJ-E6000 DJ-E7000
Power Source Gas (LNG/LPG) Gas (LNG/LPG) Electric Electric
Size (mm) 454 x 710 x 1060 574 x 710 x 1060 454 x 710 x 1013 574 x 710 x 1013
Burner Type Metal fibre Metal fibre Electric heater Electric heater
Capacity (L) 20 – 24 27 – 32 20 – 24 27 – 32
Power (kW) 0.045 0.045 6 7


Lower cooking temperatures.

Cleaner flavours for all fried foods.

Fast cooking without the need to defrost.


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